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About Us

SURA Asset Management's regional hub that provides active investment advisory services to Latin American clients who seek innovative alternatives in international markets

Collage presencia en varios países

Your financial objectives have no limits, which is why at Inversiones SURA we are constantly seeking to expand our capacities and adapt to the new needs of people, our clients.

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Personalized advice for you

Personalized and flexible advice for your International Investments, where we design an investment recommendation based on your needs, which we can manage for you

Icono gestión discrecional

Delegate your investments to a team of experts

Icono gestión no discrecional

Customize your portfolio to suit your preferences


SURA Asset Management

We are the leading Latin American asset manager in administration of pension funds, asset management and investment advice

Oficina SURA Asset Management

Wealth Management

Business of SURA Asset Management at a regional level, in 8 countries with more than 2 million clients whom we accompany, day by day, to achieve their dreams and goals

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Inversiones SURA Corp.

From our operation in the United States, we connect Latin America with the world

edificios financieros frente al mar

Our leaders

Multicultural team with a long history focused day by day on materializing the promise of contributing to achieving people's financial objectives

Pablo Matte CEO

Pablo Matte


More than 15 years of experience

15+ years of experience in the financial industry, Sales & Trading in Broker Dealers, product management and development, strategic and tactical Asset Allocation, and Back Office.

Francisco Alcalde

Francisco Alcalde

Senior Advisor

More than 7 years of experience

7+ years of experience in the financial industry, wealth advisory and investment management in High Net Worth segments.

Montserrat Sainz Portfolio Solutions

Montserrat Sainz

Portfolio Solutions

More than 8 years of experience

8+ years of experience in the Asset Management industry, Top-Down and Bottom-Up analysis of investments, strategic and tactical Asset Allocation, and product development.

Julio Cañas Compliance

Julio Cañas


More than 15 years of experience

15+ years of experience in the financial industry, Compliance Manager in Private Banks, Portfolio Manager and Investment Strategist.

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